We are a massage and relaxation center focused on wellness. Each therapy or service we offer carries with it the intention of healing and improving health, as well as beauty. We are also a hair salon with complete services of cuts, coloration and hair care.

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Balance Spa Relax

Massage Center in Las Galeras, Samana.


Hair styling Studio in Las Galeras, Samana


Line of Beauty Products in Las Galeras, Samana.

Line of CREAMS & beauty products

Top Massage Center in Las Galeras, Samana

Complete Services

  • SPA > Deep pedicure and manicure • Relaxing massages • Deep massages • Hot stone massages • Scent therapy • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting • Lymphatic drainage • Reducing massages • Reflexology
  • HAIR STUDIO > Hair Styling & Hair Treatments • Professional Hair products • Body lotions and creams
  • BODY EXFOLIATION > Eliminates dead cells and waste • Hydrates, tones and provides softness to the skin • Activates circulation and oxygenation • Maintains skin elasticity • Facial and body pealing • Body treatments



$2500 pesos

 1500 pesos

Cleaning will be carried out with the Anubis and Repechage professional lines

1 - Skin evaluation
2 - Skin hygiene
3 - Scrub and ozone vapor
4 - Moisturizing
5 - Mask according to the needs of your skin
6 - Mattifying wax 

BALANCE SPA RELAX • Plaza Coco Banana - Main Street (Highway 5) Las Galeras, Samana
Phone: +1 (809) 453-5662 

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