Balance Spa Relax

SERVICES & PRODUCTS > We are a massage and relaxation center focused on wellness. Each therapy or service we offer carries with it the intention of healing and improving health, as well as beauty.

We are also a hair salon with complete services of cuts, coloration and hair care. 

• Deep pedicure and manicure
• Relaxing massages
• Deep massages
• Hot stone massages
• Scent therapy
• Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
• Lymphatic drainage
• Reducing massages
• Reflexology

• Hair Styling
• Hair Treatments
• Hair Coloring

• Professional hair products
• Body lotions and creams

REPECHAGE - Complete line of beauty products

REPECHAGE - Lotions & Creams

ANUBIS - Line of Lotions & Creams

ANUBIS - Shine Line

GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI - Line of Lotions & Creams

BALANCE SPA RELAX • Plaza Coco Banana - Main Street (Highway 5) Las Galeras, Samana
Phone: +1 (809) 453-5662

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